Kind of a Long Way Down

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Defiance, Ohio

—I'm Just Going To Leave...

It’s been a bad day. just listened to jawbreaker, wondered what’s wrong with me and stared in the mirror, waited so patiently for the end of the summer. just got my hopes up and dashed. i’m just sucker, i guess. it’s so warm outside but i’m still sad.

even on the best days in september. it’s hard to find my piece of mind. i’d like to blame it on the weather …

so disappointed to come home to this i think i’ll sleep on the roof tonight. counting sheep and a couple regrets as cars drive by. it’s kind of hard to figure anything out, when people don’t talk at all. i hate these bad days. i think i’ll just skip town

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    Upsetting confrontation avec mon père yesterday. Planning a Tallahassee weekend vacation friend-seeing/show-going thing...
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    Best bad day song ever.
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  17. crustofbread said: this song is like my life (if i listened to jawbreaker and my landlord didn’t get pissed at us when we go on the roof and if i didn’t enjoy summer immensely)
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